Take Root in Sacred Ground


toward renewed relationships with the earth.

Sacred Ground is a nonsectarian, multi-disciplinary initiative connecting people in sacred relationship with the land.

take root in sacred ground.

Calling all conservationists, artists, spiritual leaders, activists, writers, seekers, educators and others.

Is your work about building bridges between the worlds of ecology and spirituality and fostering relationships between people and the natural world?

a mycelial emergence.

Mycelium  (maɪ’siːlɪəm) —  interconnected fungus that form relationships between individual plants through extensive underground networks — sharing water, carbon, nutrients, and information.

there is a growing network

of people who recognize the root of our environmental crisis as a loss of deep relationships with the natural world, and who look to heal these relationships through reverence of nature, interconnection, and service to both human and wild communities.

following the wisdom of mycelium,

we are connecting to each other, sharing ideas, gathering, and developing means to harness and sustain resources for a growing movement. Together we empower a critical worldview for our time — that we are as interconnected to each other as we are to the living systems under our feet. 

the earth is calling.

Spiritual Ecology is an emerging field with a foundation in ancient wisdom. Sacred Ground Initiative seeks to support and magnify the values of spiritual ecology in action. 


Sacred Ground Initiative connects those who are working to restore relationships with the land.




Stay tuned for more updates as we grow.