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Vas Avramidis

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Pittstown, New Jersey
United States
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Through a series of nature-based activities and outings, we seek to get people to spend more time in nature in order to awaken their awareness of the abundant life within them and the vital life within all created beings. In the process of gaining this awareness, we seek to develop a deeper communion with all creation. Ultimately this communion leads to a greater love not only for nature, but for our communities, and for our God. Our mission statement at Rewild Church is: through the creation to the Creator.

The nature-based activities we conduct are geared towards bringing an awareness that God is everywhere present and fills all things. Creation is not separate from her Creator, He is in all things, and gives all things the ground of their being. Thus, everything in creation communicates to us on a deeper level, if only we have the eyes to see, and the ears to hear.

Because our communion is rooted within Christianity, we seek to correct many of the misconceptions regarding our relationship with nature and our responsibility towards creation. One of these misconceptions is the command to have dominion over creation.

Dominion does not mean domination, but rather, in its original understanding means to 'act according to the Lord.' Therefore, properly understood, dominion means to relate to nature in the same way that God relates to us. Ultimately, God lived sacrificially for us, dying so that we might live. Thus, our responsibility is to live sacrificially, dying to our own desire and will, in order to save creation.

As creatures made in God's image, we are called by the opening chapters of Genesis to bring the earth to fullness, to protect and care for it. This is the attitude and relationship we seek to awaken within Christians. We desire to help churches and Christians become the spiritual and physical guardians of the earth. No longer seeing nature as a resource to be mined, but rather, as a brother, sister, and mother worthy of love.

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  • Eco-psychology
  • Wilderness Programs
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  • Storytelling
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