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The Stream

Mark, Canterbury, NH United States

There's a stream near my house, and it never fails to renew my spirit. It has made its way down the hillside for many years more than I have been here, and will for many years after too, following but also shaping the path the earth provides. It laughs happily as it drops over the branches and stones in its path. It dances from side to side in the sunlight. It seems at peace with human presence, having agreed to flow under the dirt road it crosses through a culvert before resuming its dance on the other side. Of course there are times when it is sluggish and slow -- and the same is true for me! -- but I know that renewal is only one rainy day away. I also know that I too am largely water, and I wonder, is this the source of the connection I feel? I have no answer to that, but the connection is real, and I am grateful for it.


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